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Dear guests, dear friends,

in times of great abundance and permanent excitement, we want to set focuse again on the substance of enjoyment: leaning back, recreation and pure indulgence!

Therefore you won’t find any menu anymore, at least not in classical way: the only thing you have to decide is how hungry you are, if you want to enjoy 4, 6 or 9 courses…

No more time wasted on exploring menues and no more distraction from the company on your table. The moment of surprise accompanies you the whole evening.

To give you a little foretaste, you find below some dishes, ingredients or just ideas of what you will be served:
      smoked sturgeontartare, daikonradish                                                                    
                          wineleaf, beef, apple                          
        Chickenliver light
  chickenliver, yogurt, brioche, carrot      
               gambas, lobsterbisque, gouda        
                            char, kohlrabi, almondbeurreblanc                                                                    
                                   Who killed Bambi?
                                    venison, onions, bacondumpling                                                                             
               Cheese trolley                                                                                                    

                                               sorrel, nuts
                                       raspberry, sushirice, soycaramel
Of course we take care of any allergies or food inconveniences.
4 courses € 75 
6 courses € 96 
9 courses € 122
Pairing Drinks
4 glasses € 49
6 glasses € 65
9 glasses € 85
Please be aware that bills are only set up fort he whole table.

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